Spectrum Imaging Have Closed.

Yes, after nearly 24 years of Photo Processing we closed our doors for the final time Saturday 5pm 3rd July 2010.

Our shop lease comes to an end. I would like to thanks all our great customers, suppliers, and especially my fantastic team for all their support over the years.

Rob Byron Of "Steel Wheels" is moving into 8 St Mary's Place as Spectrum move out mid July 2010. I wish him well, and hope that he has as much pleasure from his business as I have had from Spectrum.

We have taken out 19 years of T-shirt printing experience, and created a new shop offering 1 Hour T-shirt Printing Services! It's called Logobear and it's in The Grainger Market near The Monument in Newcastle City Centre. I hope you will visit us soon..

With Thanks, and Very Best Wishes

Phil Rigby

T-Shirt Printing, 1 hour photogifts, photocopying, document printing  and wire  binding and kiosk photos will continue at:


56/57 Grainger Market. Newcastle. NE1 5QQ

0191 222 1138        info@logobear.co.uk.


LogoBear 1 Hour T-Shirt Print Shop

56/57 Grainger Market. Alley 2 Crossroads. Newcastle upon Tyne. NE1 5QQ

telephone 0191 222 1138

info@logobear.co.uk                           www.logobear.co.uk

Our decision to stop true photo processing has been very difficult.

I have searched far and wide to find an alternative business I can recommend, and which genuinely understands the needs and challenges of our loyal 'toy' camera enthusiasts who burn countless rolls of good old fashioned film through their trustie Lomo, Holga, Diana, and pinhole cameras.

I am delighted to say that I have found you a great altenative!

After many chats at Digitalab explaining the quirkie requirements of lomo/holga/diana enthusiasts, and what X-Pro (cross processing) is all about I am delighted to be able to suggest a great local lab! Digitalab !

They are a family business that has served the professional photographic market for years. Digitalab use Fuji paper and chemistry, and print on Noritsu photolabs so they should be able to offer the quality you expect. Best still, their main printer is a Holga owner, so they 'get it'

Here is a link to their special page devoted to Lomo/Holga/Diana serices.

Digitalab link

Digitalab also offer a great Pro Lab service, and here is a link to their main site

Sorry to go, thanks for your continued support. Love & Best Wishes. Phil and team. x

Please dont send any more film to Spectrum Imaging. We close sat 3 July at 5pm.

We have been asked if we are having a party to celebrate the community of Spectrum Imaging...

We have been overwhelmed by the messages of support and understanding we have recieved about our closing. Many of the notes in our comment book bring tears to the eye...

Here is a selection of comments we have recieved:

I am so so sorry to hear that you are closing - you have been absolutely amazing to those of us in the Lomographic community. Over the years that I have been taking pictures with toy cameras, I have been asked again and again where I get my films processed, and since I started using you I have had no hesitation in highly recommending you every single time. You are the only company that has always properly looked after my films, have known what you are doing with what is often quite a tricky format (!) and are have always been ridiculously fast regarding turn-around time.
So, an enormous (and really very sad)

I'm so so sad to see you guys are closing down, I'll make sure I get my last mail order in to you today. You guys will be pretty irreplaceable, I doubt there is anywhere in the UK left that can do what you do with lomography, you're the best by far. Good luck to all of you in the future!

I'm going to miss you mate, always looked forward to seeing you down at the conferences,
you was the first person i thought of when the conference was mentioned. Didn't get to see you
this time, couldn't make it this year.
Your thoughts and advice have been valuable to me.

I'm really sorry that you're closing, particularly as I've just found
you (and had my first Horizon film developed, thank you). On the other hand, while I may be losing a lab, you may be losing your jobs, but I hope it's not true. I hope you've all got something else to go to.
If we all send you a fiver, will this help?
It took me some time to discover you, and I have no idea where to go
for panoramic-negative scanning services now. But I wish everyone well.

Really sad to hear you are closing

I'm really sorry to hear you're closing. It is really difficult to find a processor who understands the pleasure & practice of using wonderful crappy cameras and the demands it makes on the processing.

Spectrum Imaging is permanantly Closed

Spectrum Imaging was founded in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1987.

We are located near The Haymarket Metro station near The University of Newcastle upon Tyne,

& The University of Northumbria at Newcastle.

Spectrum Imaging is next to STA Travel on St Mary's Place opposite Civic Centre.