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Spectrum Imaging is permanantly Closed

Welcome to Newcastle's oldest & best 1 hour photo lab and copy shop. (est 1987)

National Quality Award Winners 2004, 2005

Our mission is ' Outstanding Images for Everyone! '

We aim to offer a true Spectrum of Imaging; Photographic, copyshop services, T-shirt printing, lomographic, and product personalisation, and a plethora of quirkie and unusual image related services. Almost everything we do is done by us in house, quickly, and well !

Every project is as unique as you are.

Let us prepare your work in our imaging kitchen - our skilled team can serve a full menu of choices - so why put up with set menu when you can have a-l'carte for a similar price ? If you don't see what you are looking for - please ask !

We are proud to be members of Fuji Image Service who monitor our quality.

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Tel 0191 261 1101

Freephone 0800 316 4401

FAX 0191 261 1150

8, St Mary's Place, Newcastle upon Tyne . NE1 7PG. UK

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Spectrum Imaging

8 St. Mary's Place, Newcastle upon Tyne.

NE1 7PG. UK.

Spectrum Imaging is a mid parade shop located between Haymarket Metro Station and Luckies Corner Bar.

Turn R 30m top of Northumberland Street .

Opposite the church & Civic Centre.

Walking time to Spectrum from :

University of Newcastle upon Tyne.     2 min

University of Northumbria N'castle.     2 min

The RVI Hospital.     5 min

Haymarket Metro.     1 min

Monument     5 min

54*58'39" North     1*36'50" West

Disable access & Mums with buggies

Sorry, but our shop has a few aukward steps to the front door.

Our street is grade 1 listed and a good example of early John Dobson's design, and we cannot improve access.

Please attract staff attention -we will help you in/out, or serve you on the street.

If you have difficulty visiting our shop, can we suggest:

1    You may order by telephone 0191 261 1101

2    E-mail your order order@spectrumimaging.co.uk or

3    Download PRINT@SPECTRUM ordering software to help you.

Sorry for any inconvenience, but we will do all we can to help you.

Visiting by Car.

Spectrum Imaging is located in the north of the city centre in the University district. There is a large NCP carpark on John Dobson St about 4 minutes walk away. Alternatively try Eldon Square car park access off Percy St , or there is slightly cheaper parking on Clarement Rd about 5 min walk north of Spectrum. Short term Parking meters may be available on Ridley Place or Northumberland Road behind St Mary's Place. Commercial vehicles may load/unload outside the shop.

Visiting by bycicle.

There are plenty of lamposts and railings nearby for you to secure your bike.


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Spectrum Imaging is permanantly Closed

Mon - Friday        9am to 5:30pm

Saturday       10am to 5pm

Closed Bank Holidays

Closed between X-mas and New Year.

Additional hours can be arrainged by agreement.

eg. for busy student dedlines

By appointment we can hire out our full photo-lab with experienced personel including all materials.

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Spectrum Imaging is regulated by the laws of the land, and where applicable, - of the EU too. The content of these pages is for guidance only and does not cover all aspects of Spectrum practices or of the relevant laws.

Spectrum Imaging exists to benefit the owners, employees, customers, and community

"As the founder of Spectrum Imaging, I believe in fairness to all, in good professional practice, and the efficient and responsible use of all resources employed."

Phil Rigby. August 1999.

(and still living & believing it today)

Where possible we will try to not observe the nature of your work. You are assured of our confidentiality. We are in the privileged position of helping large numbers of people; - students, locals, businesses, and visitors with their work and play. We will not attempt to regulate or pre-judge EXCEPT when material has content depicting or encouraging violence or extreme antisocial behavior.

Racism will not be tolerated.

Direct Action is an individual's right and is of no concern to us.

Illegal activities that involve suffering will not be tolerated and will be reported.

Images depicting drugs are of no concern to us.

Pornography / Sexually explicit material is regulated by the obscene publications act which basically says that adult nudity is ok, but images that are sexually explicit are not. Judge what you might see in an 18 rated film or in a 'top-shelf' magazine; - if your images are worse or more explicit than that, - we cannot handle the work.



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Phil Rigby aka 'Phil Spectrum'

Founded Spectrum in 1987 Specialises in inter people areas, loves technology, machines & gadgets, - A Real Problem Solver ! Member of P.M.A. ( Photo Marketing Association ) National Council, and respected through the Mini-lab industry as a forward thinker. Phil is well known locally and is always involved in some Newcastle project or another ! Socially - Photography, Travel, Cycle, Environment, Green Festival, & family life !

Tracy Maddison

Joined the business in 1992 and has always taken a keen interest in photographic processing. Although multi skilled, Tracy's very keen eye for colour makes her much appreciated by professional photographers and designers. Tracy enjoys keeping fit.

Jessica Cutler

Since joining Spectrum in 1999 Jess has impressed staff and customers alike with her maturity and massive ability to learn. Jess moved to Newcastle from The Isle of Man where she worked for a professional photographer. She is keen and makes friends easily and is a very welcome member of our team. Jess works part time at Spectrum and is a full time mum.

George Pearce.

George studied photography at collage before working for a local 'Pro' lab.

He is a keen photographer (available for weddings etc) and enjoys completing all work to a very high standard. George loves spending time with his young son.

George Pearce Photography



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If you would like to be included please contact us.

Spectrum do not accept any responsibility for any of these links

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George Pearce Wedding Photography

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Spectrum Imaging is permanantly Closed