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Spectrum can help your work look great.

  • Photoshop files in RGB please, j-pegs preferred (they are cheaper too!)
  • Microsoft Office software. Spectrum offer a large range of output and printing services from Office.
  • Set up your documents for A4 or A3 sized paper.
  • Use standard windows fonts to avoid changes to layout or font substitutions.
  • If using WORD - please avoid using the SPACE bar repeatedly - instead use TAB or INSERT - page break - to manage document flow - as otherwise your document will appear different on different computers and will print out funny !
  • Our charges are based on a per file handling charge - so cut & paste all your chapters together into one big file or we will have to charge you a handling fee for each individual file.
  • We will give you a few seconds to check layout of the document - and then we print.
  • We cannot let you edit or ammend your work in Spectrum - we don't have enough pc's, time or space; - so make sure you have got it right before asking us to print.
  • If you are using arabic/greek/mathmatical sysmbols please tell us.
  • If you have created a document that is not A4/A3 we may refuse to handle/print.
  • If including photos/graphs/pictures please ensure that these are RGB at 200dpi at final print size (or less) - and NO MORE THAN 300 dpi.
  • Excessive file sizes will not produce better print quality but will greatly increase printing times and will be subject to extra charges.
  • If using MS Publisher please 'pack-and-go' your work
  • Ammendment/Artwork charge - minimum £5
  • Use standard fonts.
  • Soft proof your work on-screen at Spectrum before printing.
  • Choice of papers and qualities.
  • Colour or Black & white or mixed.
  • Copy, Print, Laminate, binding or presentation. Reports, CV's, Presentation boards, Posters etc – all no problem usually same day.

Printouts - Photocopying - Laminating / Binding - Flyers & Posters - Back To Top

Spectrum Imaging is equipped with a range of photocopiers. Combined output is in excess of 200 sheets A4 per minute
Jobs can be mono, or colour, or a mixture ! We can handle full documents of any length, single or double-sided ( Duplex ) or runs from one original.
We have self-service facility for personal or confidential copying.
Copy can be finished by binding, folding, or booklet making.
Cutting or trimming to size may be available for a small additional charge
Originals can be supplied on paper or computer discs.

Printouts - Photocopying - Laminating / Binding - Flyers & Posters - Back To Top

Binding while you wait - 4 different services . ALL WHILE-YOU-WAIT !!

Plastic Comb Binding - the original, cheapest, and still the most popular. Advantages include ability to add or remove pages easily, and the whole document lies flat and will fold back on itself. Thickness upto 50mm.
Wire Binding - popular for it's permanent and professional appearance. These documents can only be modified by removing the whole bind and re-making. This document type will also lie flat and will fold back on itself. Thickness upto 14mm
Thermal Bind -with steel spine and acetate covers. - These documents have an extremely smart and professional appearance. They are permanent. They will not lie flat or fold back, - but look very tidy on a shelf. Thickness upto 38mm
Hard-Backed Book Bind - The ultimate in presentation - great for theses, annual reports, business plans etc. This permanent bind makes your work look awesome. While they do not lie flat nor can be folded back on themselves, - they look great anywhere. The black leather effect cover and spine can easily be lettered using 'letraset'type transferes.(available from stationary shops) Thickness to 38mm.

Laminating / Encapsulation

Spectrum offer a 5 minute encapsulation service for sized from ID up to A2

Encapsulation makes your paperwork very hardwearing & durable and is ideal for menus, signage, as dry-wipe charts, passes etc that get heavy daily usage.

We do not recommend lamination for valuable paperwork such as certificates, old photos, or historic documents as the encapsulation will slowly destroy the contents over a period of many years. You can copy your document and laminate that, and archive the original between paper in a cool dry dark place where it will keep best.


Printouts - Photocopying - Laminating / Binding - Flyers & Posters - Back To Top

WE can run off a few or a lot at upto A3 size. Fliers can be copies or laser printed, or printed as 'Photo Fliers' which beat anything in terms of quality and 'keepability'

Photo Flyers A6 size
Feel the quality - this is one flyer people will want to keep !
1000 Only £90 Single side. 1 day.
Glossy / Matt extended gammut flyers
design yourself: 1200x1800pixelsRGB.jpg (work in sRGB)


Photo Business Cards
Now no-one will forget your face ! Please ask !

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