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Spectrum Imaging Close Sat 3 July 2010

T-shirt printing, gifts, copyshop & more continue at


56/57 Grainger Market. Newcastle. NE1 5QQ

0191 222 1138

Our decision to stop true photo processing has been very difficult.

I have searched far and wide to find an alternative business I can recommend, and which genuinely understands the needs and challenges of our loyal 'toy' camera enthusiasts who burn countless rolls of good old fashioned film through their trustie Lomo, Holga, Diana, and pinhole cameras.

I am delighted to say that I have found you a great altenative!

After many chats at Digitalab explaining the quirkie requirements of lomo/holga/diana enthusiasts, and what X-Pro (cross processing) is all about I am delighted to be able to suggest a great local lab! Digilab !

They are a family business that has served the professional photographic market for years. Digitalab use Fuji paper and chemistry, and print on Noritsu photolabs so they should be able to offer the quality you expect. Best still, their main printer is a Holga owner, so they 'get it'

Here is a link to their special page devoted to Lomo/Holga/Diana serices.

Digitalab link

Digitalab also offer a great Pro Lab service, and here is a link to their main site

Digital or Film - it's all good at Spectrum Imaging !

Real Photos Printed By Real People & Quality doesn't cost more !

Spectrum have partnered with Fujifilm since 1987

Fuji Crystal Archive Paper - best in longevity & quality tests.

Quality Award Winners

2004, 2005,2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 100%

(and lots of earlier years)

"Outstanding Photos for Everyone"

Spectrum Imaging is Newcastle's premier photo imaging centre since 1987

Our operators individually preview and correct every image printed on our main lab.

Chemistry & process constantly monitored by Fuji Technical.

We are happy to process film by Kodak, Fuji, Agfa, Ilford, Konica, and all brands.

Can a national offer the same choice & quality ? (name begins Kl & ends in ick)

Lab Profile available on request

Sorry - No Black & White or E6 service.

Size Options...

4x6, 4x7, 4x10, 4x4, 4x5.4

5x7, 5x7.5, 5x5, 5x9, 5x14, 3.5x5

6x8, 6x9(matt only), 6x12, 6x14

8x12, 8x10, 8x8, 8x6, 8x14

A4, A5 - Yes - we actually have 210mm wide paper - matt only.

New metalic paper in 8" 210mm wide - WOW - make your work POP !

and larger sizes to order

eg A3, 12x18, A2, 18x24, A1, 24x36, 24" x any length.

Spectrum run 6 paper widths, 4",5",6",8", 8.25", & 24" & Photos can be printed along or across these widths.

Hassablad X-Pan, Lomo, X-pro, (cross process) Diana,and Horizon catered for.

Size choice depends on how you have taken the picture cameras take a slightly different shaped photo than film cameras, so you can either have a digital sized photo, or we can print onto a traditional paper size with a little cropping to your picture.

Free Index Prints with all services

Remember to ask for a CD

You can have black & white pics

from colour film or images !

Digital photo sizes - We offer you the choice of full frame digital photos, or we can print your image onto traditional print sizes but with some edge cropping.

Eg true digital size 102mm x 136mm full image

Traditional size 102mm x 152mm some crop top & bottom.

You cannot fit a square peg in a round hole .. this is the case for all digital images printed anywhere, - it's just that the nationals don't tell you about it, they just chop your images to keep their life simple !

Border Options...

  • Edge to edge printing
  • White borders (4mm) at no extra charge
  • Black borders or larger sizes are an optional extra.

Paper Options... all Printed on Fuji Crystal Archive photo paper.

  • Matte: A lush flat finish that is resistant to fingerprints and harsh light glare."The professional's and artists choice". Looks fantastic with white borders.
  • Glossy: A smooth, glossy finish for a vibrant appearance. Much less prone to fingerprinting than 'other' glossy papers.
  • Metalic: NEW - 8" Fuji Pearl paper with incandecant beads in the emulsion. WOW - great for weddings, portfolios, exhibitions, competitions etc - you cannot do this at home !

Colour Options

  • Colour: Full, rich, true to life colour. Every photograph ordered is colour corrected for brilliance before delivery.
  • Black and White: The name says it all. Your photo will be converted from colour to black and white (and all the shades of gray in between). Many people feel that black and white photographs posess a timeless and artistic appeal. Available from colour negs & film too !
  • Sepia: Sepia toning creates an antique look for your photograph. This process is used to imitate the natural colour fading process that older photographs experience over time from exposure to light and other elements. (The term is 'sepia' is used loosely to indicate a yellowish-brown colour tint and comes entomologically from the brown defensive ink released by cuttlefish !)

Special event templates can be prepared as transparent photoshop files for overlays for special events. Please ask !

Lab Profile available on request

Source Options...

Hay, - Spectrum can print from just about anything: Print, Film, Digital, Tranny, Phone, etc.


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Spectrum accept all known type of media card, USB stick, and PC disc.

Photos from your mobile phone via media card or Bluetooth.

Files should be in RGB saved as .jpg ( J-Pegs) which is standard so don't worry !

Kiosks let you choose only the photos you want.

Bring in a CD and leave it with us.

You take the photos - we'll deal with the technology !

Easy kiosks to Preview & Select only the photos you want.

Choose a range of sizes in Matt or Glossy

Edit, crop, remove red-eye.

Instant Print Option.

Same Day, or next day Value Service with guaranteed quality !

Save & Back-up your images to CD

PHOTOS MADE EASY - We'll help you as much as you want

Back-up your digital images

Please remember that with digital photography there are no negatives !!!

Remember that prints are the best way to guarantee that your images can be enjoyed today and by future generations.

We suggest you keep multiple copies of each image so that in the event of your camera card crashing, problems with your PC, - or unreadable CD's - you have alternative back-up copies.

Data recovery service.

In the event that you have 'lost' pictures either due to deletion or card/cd problems Spectrum\offer a 'no win no fee' data recovery service so please ask.

Re-formatting your camera card.

Look after your camera card and it will serve you well.

Remember that it is like a computer disc, and if it gets cluttered, it can start giving problems or failing.

It is good practice to multiple back-up your data frequently to CD, hard-drive, and as prints.

Periodically you should do a full card re-format. This will erase all the data on your card, and make it like new again so your camera should work better. Your camera instruction book will tell you how to do this.

Make sure you have reliable copies of your work before re-formatting !

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1 Hour Service


APS / Advantix

120 Roll film



Copy prints

Scanning Services


Gloss or Matt

Tripple Prints


X-Pan & Horizon.

1 Hour Service Option

Film scanning service

(35mm) High res to 1024 x 1536

Pro res to 2048 x 3072

Scanning of 120 material up to huge sizes 4500 pixels x ? (dep on format)

Film Sold. 35mm. 120. Slide/E6. APS

Process Monitoring by Fuji UK

Fuji Crystal Archive Paper.

We have special print channels optimised for

Kodak, Fujifilm, Agfa, Ilford, Konica, and all retailer brands of film.

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Dear Film Enthusiast.
Spectrum have processed film for 24 years, but sadly will close our doors in late June 2010.
Our business lease has come to an end, and we cannot justify committing to another 10 years in a constantly changing technological environment.
We have loved working will all Lomo/Holga/Diana/Pinhole/Toy Camera enthusiasts, and choosing to close is one of the most difficult decisions I have ever made.
I have tried to seek a good alternative lab,


Digitalab are a Newcastle based family business. Their background is as a Pro Lab, but their main printer is a Holga enthusiast, and they use the very best Fuji paper and chemistry, and print on a Noritsu photolab just like Spectrum Imaging always have.

I have had many talks with Digitalab about the quirkie requirements of Lomo/Holga/Dians/Pinhole enthusiasts, and they 'get it'

Digilab have produced special prices for 'toy camera' users, and are able to support X-pro, AND Tru Black & White, and E6 too !

Please give them I try, they might be even better than we were !   DIGITALAB

Please can you pass word amongst the Toy camera community that Spectrum are closing and to stop sending us work. We will honour all films we get by Saturday 19th June, so send us all the spares ASAP !
After 19/6/10 we will have to draw a line, and will not be able to return work after we close and move out end of June 2010.
WE are all really sorry, and very grateful for your support.
Love n Best Wishes,
Phil, Tracy, Jess, and Lisa. Spectrum Imaging /2010

If you don't know what Lomo is .... well it's a nuts alternative way of photographing your world. It began with a basic eastern blok camera, and created it's own set of imaging rules. These include deliberately bluring or double exposing your photos, maybe cross processing slide film to give crazy wacky prints.

Lomography is

P owerful  - I ntense  -  C razy  - T remendous -  U nique  -  R aw  - E xiting - S exy

PICTURES: That is what Lomography is all about. Nothing compares to the feeling of visually diving into a pool of shining, new, sweet-smelling lomographs. My pictures, your pictures, pictures of the world, pictures of fleeting moments, secret passions, boring brou-ha, left toes, blurred nothings. Simply everything.

Lomography collects, treasures and presents all of this.


Panorama scan &

Print Service.

Holga, Diana, etc



Excellent lomography cannot be planned, it must occur naturally. Be prepared! - and never leave your LOMO at home. Lomography is all around you, just waiting to be.. (click!) (click!) (click!).. captured! Go West my son! While you're at it - go North, East, and South too.
Your personal journey of Lomography knows no bounds or restrictions, and requires only your LOMO and a fresh supply of film

Every second of your life has its own unique, profound, colourful mood. These opportunities for emotion, relation, and ecstasy do not regulate themselves according to weather or time - they come and go as they please! Your LOMO, as a relentlessly clicking record of your life and surroundings, must be up to the task of capturing these fleeting bits of time when they rear their heads. 24 hours a day, through rain, sleet, snow, or hail, your LOMO must be engaged and ready to go. The motif, the authenticity, and your life is always in the foreground of lomography - not the technique or the lighting conditions.

Lomography will become an obvious, natural, and communicative ritual in your life. It does not interrupt the direction of your life, it becomes an integral cog and dances perfectly in time with it. You talk and (click!) lomograph; you walk and (click!) lomograph, you think and (click!) lomograph, and you love and (click!) lomograph. Like breathing, singing, and eating, lomography becomes a powerful sign of your life energy, flowing from a breathless fingertip - through a sleek Russian lens - and out into the world around you.

Your LOMO can never be more in the way then when it is in front of your face. It blocks your vision, upsets your expression, complicates your talking, and contorts your eyes into a squinting, monstrous nightmare. Luckily, the LOMO has no need for such restrictions. The wide-angle Minitar 1 lens, and the blazing fast manual focus allow your LOMO to freely shoot from all perspectives. Hand in the air, hand out in front, between the legs, directly above your head, at bug's-eye ground level - use all possible angles and perspectives to capture your subjects; as we said - there are no limits! Point your LOMO and (click!)

If you want to learn something detailed and intimate, you need to get close to it. You have to reduce the distance between you and your subject. Gain its trust. Build a relationship with it.
Take your LOMO on the offensive, and (click!) at precisely what interests you; laughing as you go so everyone can see that Lomography is the most natural and obvious thing in the world.
Warning: Disregard this rule in the case of rabid squirrels or large, surly motorcycle gang members.
DON'T THINK (William Firebrace) //

Lomography is the least intellectual pursuit that you can imagine. You cannot plan ahead - you can only react on instinct and feelings. Like a qualified buzz, Lomography liberates you from the conventions of thought and consideration - opening your senses and allowing you to act as a passionate moving extension of your LC-A. Put your head into an ice-cold bathtub, count to 100, and let your everyday troubles dissolve. Then, jerk your head out suddenly and hit the streets. Start (click!)ing away, have fun, and be open and responsive to surprise opportunities. This sixth rule is, by the way, the hardest one of all!

A mere tenth of a second makes the difference between LOMO and Not-LOMO. See a motif and (click!), wait a few seconds and (click!) - something totally different! In lomography, first impressions count big time and have a quality all their own. You're cruising through the streets at night and wham! - a subject jumps out and (click!) you're capturing it, and (click!) (click!) it's changing before your very eyes, and (click!) (click!) - you've got it all in the can before anyone knows what's happening. Be quick, trust yourself, keep
moving, and have fun doing it. That's lomography!

Lomography is a way of living with random occurrence. The best lomographs are the result of the most diverse situations, of new ideas, new ways of seeing things, and new perspectives on life. (Click!) because it's fun. (Click!) because it arouses your curiosity. (Click!) because you cannot bear to live without it! Lomographic opportunities come and go as they please, yet they are always available when you care to look for them. With this outlook, the possibility of unexpected, vivid, lomographic explosions holds the sweetest reward for the seasoned lomographer. (Click!) with confidence, secure in the knowledge that each roll of film has the chance to hold incredible, beautiful surprises.

You receive your developed Lomographs a few days later. Now, what on Earth could that be? Blurred, it appears to be a distended face, a peak of rock, a reflected light transforming into a vast grainy plain. The Lomographs tell your story, as it really was! But still, you often don't know where the individual pictures come from - Wow! That looks great, what was that?!?.
Your brain is running at top speed, your memory reconstructs events and fills them in with completely new feelings, impressions, and images. No, you don't have to know exactly what's on the film afterwards. Read between the Lomographs - read the shapes, the colors, the movement, the groove - your life!
RULE #10

Discover your very own Lomography, immerse yourself in what's going on, do it, and do what you want! The 10 Golden rules are there to free your mind, to erase any formal predispositions towards "real" photography, and to allow your creativity to run wild and naked in the warm sunlight. "Central focus" - forget it; "Say Cheese" - no thanks!; "1/3 Sky, 2/3 Landscape" - retch! Or maybe not! Whatever you want, just try it, moving freely with your LOMO scanning about - relentlessly (click!)ing anything and everything in sight. Concentrate on the important things, forget the LOMO in your hand, and take lomographs until your fingers are bleeding.


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There are endless possibilities with photos, - and Spectrum try to offer them all including:

  • Giant Poster printing - printed same day service in sizes upto 24' x 36'
  • Photos copied, enlarged, or improved.
  • Prints & Negs scanned to CD/USB stick, & e-mail
  • Mounted slides scanned or printed.
  • Photo Fliers, Invites, and Business Cards.
  • Photos onto badges, mouse mats, mugs, t-shirts etc.
  • Photo Callendars - start any month for a rolling year.
  • Photo business cards
  • Passport & International ID photos (see below)
  • Text and images overlayed on your pictures.
  • Photo restoration service for old / damaged pictures
  • Photo Badges - 2" diameter round badges - add text if you wish

Photo Restoration

We can expertly re-create timeless family photos.

You can remove 'unwanted' guests or add a missed family member from your photos.

Old & Faded colours can be boosted or naturalised.

Tears, Cracks, Folds etc can be removed.

Repare printed and saved to CD

Photographs make fantastic quality invites for birthdays/engagement/parties etc - Brilliant if you want to include photos !
Sized 4x6 Glossy or Matt 100 only £15 1 day service
Artwork from £10 up (allow 1 more day )
or design yourself: 1200x1800pixelsRGB.jpg


Spectrum Imaging can transfere your old cine film and video to DVD !

VHS to DVD, all tape formats including Betamax ! - even Cine to DVD.

Price is from £10 per VHS tape to DVD upto 2 hours. Other formats and lengths extra.


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  • Read the instruction book for your camera !
  • Take lots of photos, - and choose the best ones later (Our kiosks make this easy)
  • Hold your camera very steady - don't let camera shake spoil your shots.
  • Print your photos promptly. Photos are like flowers - most meaningful when fresh !
  • Experiment with lighting - try with flash off for 'mood' shots
  • Keep your batteries charges and memory card clear for unexpected moments.
  • Back-up your images frequently, and keep more than 1 copy.
  • Re-format your camera card often to ensure optimal performance.
  • Shoot digital photos at at least 3 megapixel resolution
  • Rule of thirds - place subjects and horizon off centre for good composition.
  • Remember that prints are the best way to guarantee that your images can be enjoyed today and by future generations.

    Visit Prints are memories for more photo ideas

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"We Promise Professional Quality at Reasonable Prices within 24hours" Phil Rigby - Owner.

Call us on 0191 261 5121 daytime if you need any help.

  1. Take your digital pictures and transfer them to your PC
  2. Install your software (photos@FUJIFILM)
  3. Choose photos, t-shirts or gifts, calendars etc.
  4. Select what size you want to print.
  5. Select Matt or Glossy, Border or No Border etc
  6. Crop your images if you like
  7. Upload your images to us.
  8. Choose to collect from Spectrum or we will post them back to you.
  9. Pay securely on-line or when you collect@Spectrum
  10. We will print your order & tell you by e-mail when done

How To Do It

"Revolutionary.. I'll be doing all my orders using Print@FUJIFILM"

"Can be done after store is closed - after hours in own time for convenience & to save time & petrol costs."

"Award-winning software... Print@FUJIFILM

is so simple to use!"

Spectrum Imaging Close Sat 3 July 2010

Film Deadline EXTENDED to Sat 26th June !

Last films for mail order processing to arrive 17th June.

Don't send late film because we don't want it to get lost.

Film Deadline EXTENDED to Sat 26th June !

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ID Photography service now stopped.

Try Bonsers Kodak Express on Biggmarket


56/57 Grainger Market. Newcastle. NE1 5QQ

0191 222 1138

Spectrum offer a specialist id photo service and can comply with relevant regulations. We can take a new photo, or print to specification from your neg/file/image/photo

UK Passport Agency

Check out the latest guidelines at

2 Minute Digital Preview System

UK / EC 35mm x 45mm APPROVED Passport Photo

4 Photos £6.99, 8 photos £8.99

ID Photos - for Bus/Ski/Student pass

4 Photos £4.99 or 8 only £6.99

USA / Canada 2" x 2"

2 photos £9.99, 4 photos £11.99

DV lottery 'verified' photos £10 on cd

Othere Specific Sizes

2/4 off £9.99, 4/8 off £11.99

2 Minute Digital Preview System

Please bring the exact specification for non-UK sizes

Baby passport Photos. We have found that best results are obtained if

YOU TAKE THE PHOTO AT HOME and Spectrum print to specification.

Place infant on a white sheet / blanket on the floor.

Take several photos of your infant.

Take full length photos of the whole body WITH PLENTY OF WHITE ALL ROUND

Ensure you have 'at least 1 head width' of space all round the baby's head.

Spectrum will help you choose the best image and print it to the correct size.


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